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                PRODUCT OVERVIEW
                The Marvell® 88SN2400 is the industry’s fi rst NVMe over Fabric (NVMe-oF™) SSD converter controller.
                Designed and optimized to convert any NVMe solid state drive (SSD) into an NVMe-oF-SSD, the
                88SN2400 provides an innovative architecture that increases utilization and scalability of SSDs within the
                data center to ultimately lower total cost of ownership.
                A drive-attached solution, the 88SN2400 enables a revolutionary architecture that supports true scalable
                high-performance disaggregation of storage from compute by bringing low latency access over the
                fabric and exposing the entire SSD bandwidth to the network. It does this by using an Ethernet fabric
                instead of a PCIe fabric controlled and managed by a high-power CPU.
                The 88SN2400 can also be architected in Ethernet Bunch of Flash (EBOF) storage appliances. In a
                typical high-end 2U24 shelf with Gen3x4 SSDs, the solution can support up to 18M IOPS. Utilizing a
                Marvell Ethernet switch that supports 2Tb/s and the 88SN2400, data center operators can benefi t from a
                150GB/s pipe of pooled storage, and better power consumption per IO compared to general purpose
                The Marvell NVMe-oF SSD converter controller is optimized for a small footprint and can be attached to
                existing backplanes providing ease of service and eliminating single point of failure. It can also be
                designed into future Marvell SSD and emerging storage class memory (SCM) controllers.
                MARVELL® NVMe-oF SSD Converter Controller
                Supports scalable, high-performance disaggregation of storage from compute
                • NVMe-oF NAND SSDs
                • NVMe-oF SCM SSDs
                • NVMe-oF SAS/SATA JBODs
                • SAS JBOF replacement – Ethernet Bunch of Flash (EBOF) using dual-ported NVMe-oF SSDs
                • Storage disaggregation